Lynn Miclea: Comparisons? Stop Comparing!

Do you compare yourself to others? Well, admin Lynn Miclea​ says stop!!! Many times, writers like to compare themselves to other writers and it is not a good thing. In this very informative article, Lynn gives great advice on why you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone!!!

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Comparisons. We all do it—we compare ourselves to others. Does he write better than me? Is she more successful than I am? And we find that we’re not as good as some, and we are better than others. Or so it seems.

However, this is misleading at best, and dangerous at worst. What we perceive is not always what is really there. And what we compare ourselves to might be an incorrect image built up in our minds, supported by fear and self-doubt.

First, it’s important to understand that each of us is on a different path, our own unique journey. Someone else is on a different path. We have different skills and abilities, we write in different genres, and we aim for a different audience. We have different writing styles, different stories, different characters, and a different voice. So a comparison is not helpful at all.

Second, what we…

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Deborah Ratliff: The Lonely Writer

As we countdown to the WU! blog’s second anniversary, we have been sharing articles from the past. Today, my article “The Loney Writer” and why we need writing friends is featured. Please note, at the time this article was written, Writers Unite! was approaching 15,000 members. Two years later, we are approaching 44,000 members. Thanks to all of you who are taking the journey with us!

Writers Unite!


Writing is lonely work. At least, that is the opinion of friends of mine who are not writers. They ask, how can you sit at a computer all day and not talk to anyone? Somehow, telling them, I’m never alone and that I talk to my characters would likely not reassure them being alone is good for me.

The fact is that despite the witty or testy or romantic conversations we have with our creations, writing is lonely work.

My career provided a writing outlet. I wrote research papers, training, operations, and policy manuals, newsletters, and media advertising copy.  While necessary within the scope of my work and writing advertising was challenging, I never felt fulfilled. When time to write presented itself, I took the plunge. I started writing fiction.

As an only child, the solitude of writing was never a concern. What I did discover was that the support…

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LiveLimitless: Never Stop

Writers Unite! Admin Adam Johnson is a life coach in addition to his writing career. He has created a wonderful series of inspirational memes about the writers’ quest. I will be sharing them here on my blog!

Writers Unite!

Don’t say “I wish I made more money” or “I wish I could finish this novel” or “I wish this publishing company would accept my work”. If there is a change you want to see in any area of your life, you have to get up and make it happen! Never stop adding value to yourself, never stop practicing your craft and never stop building the life that you dream of! Words have power and YOU control that power! Use it wisely.


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Patt O’Neil: The Submission Process For a Short Story or What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me (Part One)

Writers Unite Worldwide
Published by Deborah Ratliff · 22 mins ·
Writing a short story? Want to know how to submit it to a publisher or publication? Then Patt O’Neil’s article, THE SUBMISSION PROCESS FOR A SHORT STORY OR WHAT I WISH SOMEONE HAD TAUGHT ME will answer your questions. Here is Part One… Look for Part Two tomorrow!

Writers Unite!

magazine-891005_960_720Part One:

Since the written word has been offered to others for profit, there have been those seeking their work included in these publications. We, my brothers and sisters, come under the heading of the Seekers—writers of novels, songs, poems, essays, plays, and short stories. All are similar in how to go about getting published, like the way dogs, cats, babies, and drunken girlfriends all like to curl up on laps, but that is where the similarity ends. Each has their own criteria, demands, and audience. I’m going to discuss the what I have learned with regards to having a short story published. Business buzzwords will be bolded.

I started my career as a writer by penning a novel—silly me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good story, just not anywhere near ready for publication. I needed to know more about not only what makes for a good story, but…

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Been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have an excuse, really! I have been very involved with a writing blog, Writers Unite! on WordPress and serving as an admin on the Facebook group Writers Unite!, which now has 43,000+ members. WU! is about to publish our second anthology Realm of Romance. Our first anthology Realm of Magic was released on August 1, 2018, and is selling well. These were time-consuming tasks but very rewarding, However, it is time to return to my writing as well as continue with the group.


My first novel Crescent City Lies is in final edit and hopefully will be published by the end of the year. My second novel One of Those Days is in re-write, and I am currently working on my first book in the Remy Broussard Mystery series.  The initial mystery is called The Red Candle, and of course, Detective Captain Remy Broussard is with the New Orleans Police Department. No better place than New Orleans to set a murder mystery!


I will be sharing articles I have written and posting articles and images about writing and some other things that are important to me.  I will keep you updated on my novels and post some excerpts.


Glad to be back!!!



Football is Fun Again!!!

Hi all!!

As you all know, I love anything to do with New Orleans and that includes the New Orleans Saints!   Louisiana is often the setting for my writing and the Saints always get a mention or two.

How good are Drew Brees and the Saints this year? That good!

 Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!!!

As ESPN says…. The Saints are HOT!

Let the Good Times Roll!!



Saints running back Mark Ingram rushed for 134 yards and a touchdown in Sunday’s overtime win over the Redskins. Sean Gardner/Getty Images

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