Memories of the South…


The beautiful mimosa tree became my favorite playmate as a small child. One stood on the corner of my yard in Aiken, South Carolina, and the ferny-leafed tree fueled my childish imagination. When the spidery blossoms were in bloom, I imagined the tree to be a castle in the sky filled with fairies. When the long, leathery seed pods appeared, the tree became a fortress on a faraway planet where I fought aliens side-by-side with Buck Rogers (loved those re-runs).
As a grown-up, I recognize the mimosa as a gorgeous addition to the Southern landscape. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think I see a fairy hiding among the blossoms.


4 thoughts on “Memories of the South…”

  1. What sweet memories hon. I can feel the heat fo summer as you describe playing in your spidery blossom castle. I bet you’d like to feel some of that heat right now, lol!


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