The Pegasus Star …. a serial science fiction novel

I will be posting some of my writing periodically and the first is a science fiction novel called The Pegasus Star.

TPS Book Cover  DR copy


Noah Flynn was a captain of a starship in the Earth Alliance Space Command. At least, he used to be. He now served as captain of an interstellar freighter after an unfortunate incident ended his military career. Adjusted to his new life, Flynn never expected the Alliance brass would come crawling to him, desperate for his assistance. Then he discovered why they were desperate, and he had no choice other than help. Someone had to save them all.

Click on The Pegasus Star link on the menu bar for the story.

This novel is being serialized on Google+ #Saturdayscenes, a new episode (almost) every Saturday. Check the community out… some fantastic work in multiple genres. I will update this site at the same time.

This novel is rated R for violence, sexual situations, nudity. Nothing explicit.

Hope you enjoy, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m posting this novel on #SaturdayScenes on Google+. Every Saturday a lot of very talented writers share their work, from scenes of their latest work to serial stories. Check the site out!

Please note: Book cover created by me from images found on Google Images. No commerical use of these images intended.


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