March 4th is National Grammar Day….


During pubic school, I loved science and thought English class boring. Literature was wonderful but grammar, not my cup of tea. While I managed good grades, my interest level was so low I didn’t retain the rules. My spelling prowess… well, let’s say I received 100s on spelling test by memorization. Spelling bees frightened me. I’d spell the word in the first round, then purposely misspelled the second round word, making my escape.

It wasn’t until my freshman year in college that I learned the value of good spelling. My first paper for Microbiology 101 received an excellent grade, minus three points for misspelled words. That never happened again.

While my grammar was suspect, it seems I had a love affair with commas, it wasn’t horrid. When I began writing I realized how imperative it is to write correctly. I never had issues with the specific writing of scientific reports, but prose was another matter. I poured over grammar sites on the Internet, bought Grammar for Dummies, and purchased an online grammar review program. These efforts, along with a great friend who is a linguist, and other eagle-eyed friends with excellent editing skills, have provided a platform I can write on with confidence.

My linguist friend continues to lecture me on verb tenses, but I only have one true fear remaining.  I’m still deathly afraid of spelling bees.


Interesting article by Kristen Hare posted on She is asking for people to share their biggest grammar pet peeves.

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