… when plot bunnies hitch a ride.

Writers find inspiration everywhere. The myriad of ‘how to write’ websites recommend keeping a journal with you at all times. I listened, and a hardback notebook is currently stuffed in my purse. You never know where or when the next best-selling novel idea or the perfect line will pop into your head.

I’m inspired most often by location. I write in several genres, so my muse could be a galaxy a far piece away, or somewhere in the South. The location possibilities in the Southern U.S. are endless, major cities, small towns, coastal towns, and then there’s New Orleans.

Sometimes, however, my bunnies show up and take over. A friend and I were discussing the places we vacationed as children (she won, Navy brat). Despite that, I decided to send her pictures of Edisto Island, South Carolina where I spent most of my summer vacations. Searching Google Images, I found this photo of the Spanish moss draped main road leading to the beach on Edisto.


The urge to take a virtual tour down memory lane struck me, and I headed to Google Earth. At first, I spent my time pointing out landmarks I remembered along the away to myself. Then something weird occurred. I wasn’t ‘driving’ anymore. Somehow a plot bunny hitched a ride, and I became a woman running from her past, fleeing to her grandparents’ beach house. The storyline was complete by the time the Atlantic Ocean came into view. The characters, plot and subplots, conflict, romance, everything flowed from that beautiful tree-lined road.

I promised myself I’d start writing this story as soon as I finish two… uh… three other projects. Unless that is, one of these bad boys hitches a ride.


Leave a comment and let me know where your plot bunnies hide.  I’d love to hear what they whisper to you.

For inspiration, check out these two sites I found on Pinterest.

(Images from Google Images. No commercial use intended.)


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