Sci-Fi Flash Fiction: The Presidium


The Presidium

The transport flew through the darkened sky, arcing gracefully toward the Presidium. The imposing building, the only structure on the moon Iloisi, sat on a lagoon, surrounded by verdant moss covered grounds and the ever-present dark grey clouds. Constructed of red sandstone the central domed tower rose from a u-shaped foundation. A series of steps angled upward to the main entrance.

Commander Iszra N’Lan’s heart thumped wildly in his chest, as it always did as he approached the Presidium. As chief of the Presidium Guard, he should be over the apprehension of being in the Overlords’ presence. He shuddered, so far being at ease around the prime rulers of the universe proved to be elusive.

His second in command whispered behind him, “They are awaking from sedation. Shall I bring them to the front salon? “

“Yes, but tell them nothing. The Overlords are angry and wish to read the charges themselves.”

Nodding, the guard withdrew leaving N’Lan to his thoughts. Minutes later, the pilot eased the transport onto the lagoon, next to the wide steps. A hissing sound from the airlock indicated the pilot had opened the hatch, the musty smell of moss mixed with the purified air of the transport momentarily gagging N’Lan.

He turned as footsteps echoed behind him. The guards escorted four men and one woman into the salon. They were in all manners of dress, from bedclothes to a formal gown. Their faces pale, their eyes full of fear, N’Lan observed each was in control, holding themselves with dignity.

“Take them inside, the Council is waiting.”

The guards led them past an enormous statue of a human erected at the top of the broad stairs. N’Lan smiled wanly, as each of the ‘guests’ appeared stunned at the image of a human on what they now must realize was an alien world. Up two more sets of stairs, they entered a cavernous lobby, its circular walls covered with tapestries reflecting numerous galaxies. The floors were of the same stone as the exterior, polished to a gloss. A stairway clung to the curved wall.

N’Lan motioned for the woman and men to follow him. He was on the second step when a tall gray-haired man, dressed in sleepwear spoke.

“What is this place and where are you taking us?”

“You will understand shortly,” N’Lan said. “Follow me.”

The chamber they entered was breathtaking. Once again, tapestries hung from the walls below a ring of windows. A polished sandstone dais sat in part of the room, a carved wooden bench followed its length, ornate high-backed chairs sat behind.

In a matter of minutes, double doors opened and the Overlords, thirteen men and women, all humanoids with variations of skin color, bone structure and stature, took their places at the bench.

The overlord sitting in the center chair asked, “These are the Earth representatives?”

“Yes Prime Overlord, rulers of the five most important countries on Earth, the heads of state for the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, and China.”

Again, the man in the bedclothes spoke, “I am the president of the United States, and I demand an explanation. Why have we been brought here?”

“We are the Overlords, and we govern the universe. We have seeded, nurtured, monitored, and eventually made ourselves known when suitable advancement occurs on these planets. However, we have intervened in the matters of the world you call Earth. Overlord Hara, please read the charges.”

The pale green-skin overlord stood, “The peoples of Earth are charged with total neglect of the planet, from wasting its natural resources, disregard of the welfare of its citizens, and constantly waging unjust wars. You are hereby on trial to determine the future of Earth.

N’Lan left the chamber closing the door on the chatter coming from the five Earthlings. If the transport left in the next ten minutes, they could rendezvous with the starship sooner. The council wished to see a warlord from the Gronovan system who was violating his treaty with the Overlords.

His work for the Overlords was never done.


Written for a writing prompt exercise conducted by MJ Bush (Writingeekery) on Google +.  Prompt images are open source from


One thought on “Sci-Fi Flash Fiction: The Presidium”

  1. At last, I got on! I loved this idea and I would love our heads of state and companies to be dragged up in front of the Overlord!! What a great idea! Once again, you have come up with such a different idea for the prompt. I always know I can look forward to something with imagination and cretaivity from your flash fictions…..well, from all your fiction actually!


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