May Day Memories…

Happy May Day

The first day of May brings wonderful memories for me. I grew up in Aiken, South Carolina and each May Day the school system held a celebration. As a first grader, I was selected as a court attendant, called princesses, for the May Queen. Which, when you are six-years-old is a magical thing.

Required dress for the occasion was white and frilly. My mother bought a dotted Swiss dress with a flouncy skirt and tiny ruffles. On May Day, I was convinced I was a Disney princess, the crowning touches, white patent leather shoes with lace-trimmed socks and white gloves.

Arriving at my school where the celebration was held, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the grounds were. Planters filled with flowers were scattered over the lawn and a regal high-backed chair, decked out in red velvet, sat under a flower adorned arbor. On each side of the chair were tiny benches where the princess court would sit. The most imposing feature, however, was the May Pole standing in an open area of the lawn. Painted white, the pole held multi-colored streamers, gracefully falling to the ground.

The highlight of the day was the arrival of the May Queen. Always a high-school senior, the queen was dressed in a long white gown, glittery crown on her head, and she carried a bouquet of colorful flowers. Her golden hair arranged in a French twist, I thought she was more beautiful than Cinderella.

The princesses danced around the May Pole, crisscrossing the streamers until the white pole was covered, not the neatest of wrappings but so much fun. I was an observer of the celebration from then on, but I never forgot my moment as a princess in the May Queen’s court.


(Images found on Google Images. No commercial use intended.)


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