Tea… (a really short story)



Are you laughing at me?

“Edward, you are incredibly oversensitive. I was barely paying attention to you.”

“That’s comforting Violet. I can always count on my devoted wife for support.”

Violet dropped her pruning shears onto the wooden table, composing herself before she answered. “You should be pleased I’m speaking to you at all. Yet here you sit in the conservatory, reading the Sunday paper as though the details of your indiscretions were not splattered across the front page. A man of your stature using government funds to gamble and cavort with prostitutes. You’re an embarrassment.”

“Prune your orchids, so I may drink my tea in peace.”

She watched as he sipped his tea, then turned her attention to the yellow orchids. Violet loved how their throat petals mimicked someone laughing. Once the poison in his tea took effect, she’d be laughing with them.



I found a wonderful writing site hosting a writing challenge called Mondays Finish the Story. Each Monday they post a picture prompt, along with the first line of the story. The stories must be between 100-150 words and must include the given first line.  Since I’ve never met a writing challenge I didn’t want to do, I did.

Check out the MFTS blog… some great short stories posted. https://mondaysfinishthestory.wordpress.com/


23 thoughts on “Tea… (a really short story)”

  1. Her revenge may be sweet but what will the front pages have to say about a female poisoner? Anyhow, what’s wrong with an ‘indiscretion’ or two amongst the powerful. Great last para.


    1. Apparently the indiscretion meant something to our poisoner! As for being caught, too few words to reveal she used a poison which would not show up on a regular tox screen but would cause a heart attack. Clever girl, our poisoner!

      Thanks for reading and glad you liked!


      1. I love these flash fiction challenges. I have a weekly flash fiction challenge called, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers if you are interested. It’s a lot of fun too.


      2. I will definitely participate in your challenge. I love them, just have to be careful I don’t spend all my time with the challenges and neglect my novel. (I have problem there too. I tend to write on several at a time. I’m hopeless.)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s wonderful you are writing a novel! Writing 2 novels! I would be the same way. If I got tired of working on one then I could be working on the other and vice versa.


      4. Uh… more than two …. I find it’s the way to keep writer’s block at bay by letting one rest while I figure out a plot issue, I do have one finished novel, which is in final edit and I’m about to send it out into the world of agents all alone. Scary!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. As I was reading, my money was on pruning shears to the neck, but Violet is far more patient and careful. A nice hard-to-detect poison is the best way to rid oneself of cheating spouses!
    Great story 🙂


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