Flash Fiction: Ice



A frigid, snow-dusted world was all she remembered. A spell, cast moments after her birth, turned the once verdant green lands into an icy mausoleum. Glimmering in dim sunlight, ice-encased the flora and fauna and the people, suspending life for all but a small staff dedicated to her care.

Mirelle spent her days wandering her frozen world, much to the chagrin of her godmother, Rosella. As she walked across the old stone bridge, she could hear her godmother’s daily admonishment. “You are sixteen years old. You shouldn’t be running about like a child. There is no telling what evil lurks outside the palace walls.”

Mirelle gazed past the bridge into the forest, thinking Rosella was unaware of how correct her chiding was. Evil lurked in the forest surrounding the village, luring her. When she was twelve, she had commanded Felix, her father’s manservant, to tell her what transpired after her birth. He explained her father angered the evil wizard, Rygon when he banished him from the kingdom. In retaliation, the wizard cast a spell encasing everything in ice.

Mirelle had many questions. She and a few servants escaped the spell and despite the fact hunting or crop growing was impossible, food was plentiful. Each day, when she approached the glinting ice-covered tree line, Mirelle sensed the answers lie within the forest and today the pull to enter was strong. She needed answers.

Her heart pounded as she walked deeper into the thick trees, and a sensation of dread overcame her. Evil seemed to hover in the canopy. Only her heavy breathing permeated the silence until the crack of ice shattering sounded behind her. She turned slowly, fear gripping her chest, a scream erupting when she saw him.

The imposing man was clad in a flowing gray robe, his thick black hair falling to his broad shoulders. His black eyes glittered, and around his neck hung a golden medallion engraved with the king’s symbol, her father’s medallion.

“You are Rygon.”

“Perceptive, my little one, I am indeed the wizard Rygon. I wondered how long it would be before you ventured into the forest.”

“That’s my father’s medallion, give it back.”

“I’ll do no such thing. You will have to take it back.”

Mirelle lunged for the medallion, but he vanished, reappearing behind her.

“I knew when my sister Elenia tried to stop me that I would have to deal with you someday.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why don’t you tell her?” A woman’s voice from behind her startled Mirelle and the woman brushed past, her purple robe flaring behind her, ice falling from the cloak’s folds. Rygon raised his wand, but Elenia was faster. She bellowed, “Evanescere!” Rygon vanished.

She spun, looking at Mirelle. “You see my dear your mother is our sister, but she abandoned magic when she fell in love with your father. Rygon was livid when she turned from her family. I was unprepared when he cast the gelidus spell over the kingdom, and only managed to protect you and a few servants near you before the spell caught me as well. I managed to break free by luring you to the forest.”

“I don’t understand,” she asked, noticing Elenia’s emerald green eyes were identical to hers.

“You inherited your mother’s skills and although your powers are dormant, they are strong. If you are willing, I will teach you how to use your gift to help me break the curse. It will take both of us, for Rygon is powerful. Are you willing to help me free the kingdom?”

For the first time during her life, hope replaced the dread residing in her heart. Mirelle nodded, “I am more than willing.”

Taking Mirelle by the hand, Elenia led her out of the forest. “Then let us begin.”


Written for Writingeekery writing exercise… based on photo prompt.

(Image of the American Falls is from a free use photo site.)


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