Short Stories: Tangles…

2015-06-01-bw-beacham  Web


“What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

The words of Sir Walter Scott flitted across her thoughts as Ellen sat in a dark corner of the cocktail lounge watching them. The perfect couple, oblivious to the world around them, as they celebrated their victory.

Sipping her drink, Ellen imagined the exquisite spider web, its silken frame woven by a wily creature, designed to lure the most innocent to their doom. Exactly what the perfect couple did to her husband, now falsely accused of embezzlement from the company where he, and they, worked.

To save him, Ellen wove a web of her own, strands of whispered hints to the company owner, to the police, anonymous calls to investigative reporters. Then she waited, patiently for her web to snare her prey.

Soon she would bring her husband home.

Word Count: 142


Written for the wonderful writing challenge, Mondays Finish the Story. Each Monday,  Barbara Beacham posts a picture prompt, along with the first line of the story. The stories must be between 100-150 words and must include the given first line, shown in italics in the story.

Special thanks to Barbara Beacham for sharing her excellent photography skills to provide such challenging prompts. Check out the MFTS blog… some great short stories posted. 

Direct link to this week’s stories…



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