Short Story: The Kiss



The photo slipped from Mia’s fingertips, falling onto the slate floor. The crystal frame shattered, scattering shards across the floor. She fought the rapidly flowing tears, thinking the destroyed frame reflected her marriage. Broken.

She remembered the moment four years before as if she was there. The warm bay water, turned golden by the setting sun, caressing her ankles. It was their honeymoon, and Steven surprised her with a sunset ride on the beach. A photographer walking the shoreline offered to take their picture.

The photo was her favorite, framed by two beautiful horses and silhouetted against the pale gold sky, she and Steven caught seconds before they kissed. So deeply in love, her heart had felt like breaking then, as it did now, but for different reasons, then her heart was filled with joy, now only pain.

Steven left after his law firm offered him a promotion in another city. They fought bitterly when Mia refused to abandon her growing psychology practice and her patients. In the end, he accused her of not caring about his needs and walked away.

Mia decided she needed to clean up the glass. Turning, she gasped, Steven stood in front of her.

“What are you doing here?”

He picked up the photo, “This is why. I got off the plane and realized I was a fool.”

“What about your promotion?”

“I turned it down.”

“You’re staying here?”

“I love you and I can’t leave you. Forgive me.”

Mia smiled, “Kiss me.”


Word Count:  248


Elements of Genre Writing  This writing prompt is from  the Elements of Genre Writing group on Facebook. Each week,  a different genre is discussed and  photo writing prompt given for the genre. This week is romance.  Stories limited to  50-250 words.  Photo prompt provided by the group, source unknown.

Check out the Elements of Genre page…..


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