Short Story: Culprit



He thought he found the perfect hiding spot. Mornings were when he seemed to feel the most mischievous, waking the household at his whim, demanding food. What a con artist. I knew for a fact he snuck downstairs to nibble on his disgusting pellets, then slipped back onto the bed to begin his pitiful ‘feed me… I’m starving’ mews.

Normally, I ignored his antics. I finished my toiletries and after breakfast retired to the den, when yelling from the kitchen disturbed my peace. Rushing in, I discovered the trash can toppled over, contents spilled onto the floor. My companion scolded me for committing the crime. Resisting the urge to grab the wrapper from last night’s steak, I backed out of the kitchen.

Time for punishment, I found the culprit hiding behind the sheer drapes stupidly thinking I couldn’t see him. His ears flickered and nervously he meowed, “Hello, dog.”

Word Count: 149


mondays-finish-the-story Written for the wonderful writing challenge, Mondays Finish the Story. Each Monday, Barbara Beacham posts a picture prompt, along with the first line of the story. The stories must be between 100-150 words and must include the given first line, shown in italics in the story.

Special thanks to Barbara Beacham for sharing her excellent photography skills to provide such challenging prompts. Check out the MFTS blog… some great short stories posted. 

Direct link to this week’s stories…



34 thoughts on “Short Story: Culprit”

  1. I didn’t realize what this sentence meant until the very last:” Resisting the urge to grab the wrapper from last night’s steak”. LOL…. was wondering why a human was resisting the “urge”. Nice buildup of suspense.

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