Short Story: Traitor



  “The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be a traitor. Patriarch Dominic beamed with pride when presented his newborn grandson, the Conti name endured with another fine male to embrace the family business.

Dominic forbade anyone to tell Luigi the true nature of the Conti enterprise. Loyalty to the family must be foremost in his grandson’s psyche. Knowledge of what his family was involved in could come after Luigi’s devotion to his family was sealed.

From the sidelines, Luigi’s Uncle Nico watched; certain Dominic misjudged his grandson. He suspected the deception designed to keep him from the truth, in fact, prompted Lou to question his family.

Lou’s decision to attend law school had Dominic preening about a new consigliere in the family. Upon graduation, Lou joined the FBI and Nico knew the charade was over. When vehicles screeched to a halt outside the Conti compound, Nico knew ‘agent’ Luigi had arrived to learn about the family business.

Word count: 149

(Forgive me for the stereotypical depiction of an Italian family. My father worked for an Italian company for years, and I know Italians to be anything but stereotypical. Well… except for Guido… we were never sure about Guido…)


mondays-finish-the-story  Written for the wonderful writing challenge, Mondays Finish the Story. Each Monday, Barbara Beacham posts a picture prompt, along with the first line of the story. The stories must be between 100-150 words and must include the given first line, shown in italics in the story.

Special thanks to Barbara Beacham for sharing her excellent photography skills to provide such challenging prompts. Check out the MFTS blog… some great short stories posted. 

Direct link to this week’s stories…


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