Happy Halloween!!! Short Story: Pumpkinus



Professor Rath gathered his students together before the schoolhouse, his excitement as palpable as the apprehension he witnessed in their young eyes. His favorite event of the year was the night the children met the wizard of Halloween.

The professor smiled at his charges, “My children. You have reached the age of indoctrination into the most wonderful time of the year. In two nights, our world merges with the mortal world, and we are free to interact with humans. Our friends observe our most sacred day as one for fun and frivolity. It is our duty to remind them of the serious intent of the day… that of honoring the dead and the apparitions they leave behind. Tonight you will meet the great wizard Pumpkinus, who will teach you the history of Halloween.”

He was pleased to see excitement rather than fright on the children’s faces. “Hold each other’s hands and form a single line behind me.” Rath led the children into the dark forest to the secret pumpkin patch where Pumpkinus resided. Reaching the patch, he placed the children still holding hands in a circle surrounding a stone dais, and retreated to the edge of the patch, waiting for the wizard’s arrival.

An intense yellow glow appeared on the dais and the wizard Pumpkinus emerged, towering over the children. He possessed the body of a scarecrow, a pumpkin for his head. His eyes and mouth glowing as he spoke.

“I am the wizard Pumpkinus. It is time for you to learn of the first Halloween.”

Professor Rath filled with pride as once more the youngest generation of wizards stood before the master of Halloween discovering their heritage.



Written for Fiction Writers Bootcamp on Facebook.  Image prompt provided by FWB for the purpose of a writing exercise. No commercial use intended. Image may be from Halloween wallpaper HD.


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