I’m Back!!!


Mexico City Beach

My wonderful family just took me to the beach hoping it would make me feel better…. It did! This is the pier on Mexico City Beach, Florida, where we visited last week.


Greetings, all!

February is nearly behind us. I had all intentions to pay attention to my blog in 2016 but I have been sick since before Christmas with chronic bronchitis. The fog is beginning to lift and my intention is to return, posting more short stories, as well as posting more chapters of the novels. The Pegasus Star and The Last Chance, I’m serializing on the blog. I also want to discuss the writing process and what has helped me become a better writer.

There is one thing I must do, however, before I can continue. Many of the short stories I posted here are results of prompts provided on a wonderful site on WordPress, Monday’s Finish the Story.  The moderator, Barbara Beacham, was a photographer as well as a writer and she gave us weeks of fun as we played with words to match her excellent, thought-provoking prompts.  Barbara shared with her loyal followers that she was ill and in November 2015, her husband informed us she had passed away.

All of us know the friends we find on the Internet can become as important to us as those we touch in our lives every day. My life was enriched by this lovely woman and diminished by her loss. Barbara’s wit, kind comments, support and overall joy is sorely missed, not only by her family but by those of us who got to know her and each other while participating on Monday’s Finish the Story. May she rest in peace.

I will be more attentive to The Coastal Quill and thank all of you who follow me.

Chat soon!



4 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!”

  1. Just last week I came across onr of your old posts and realized you had been gone for some time.

    Sorry to hear the sad news. I never took part in the Monday prompts, but I saw yours and thought of taking them up this year. That’s not to be.

    What you say about online relationships is absolutely true. I feel… bonds with people I barely know in real life, and I do know those can develop and become strong with time. Losing someone online is still painful.

    On the other hand, I’m happy that you feel better and glad you’re back!


    1. Thanks so much, Vicente. So good to hear from you. With my father dying in November and then becoming so sick, I haven’t had a lot of time. Been trying to get back to the wonderful weekly prompts on the Writer’s Discussion group but haven’t had time.
      Hope things are well for you! Looking forward to chatting with you more often!
      Take care!


  2. So very sorry to learn of your lost Debbie, hope this note finds you in better spirits and in good health.


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