2016. I had expected this year to start off in a different way. However, John Lennon once wrote something about life is what happens when you make plans.  Sadness and illness now behind me, I think it’s time I returned to what I love – writing.

I am making plans to published my first book this summer, Crescent City Lies, and relocate to the sunny coast in Charleston, SC or to the Crescent City, New Orleans.  My head tells me one thing, but my heart – my heart tells me the French Quarter is calling. Regardless of where I go there will be water involved.

Attached is a mockup of the cover of my novel. I’ll be posting more about it, along with a prequel to the story over the next weeks.

I am also an administrator for a writing group, Writer’s Unite! and also conduct a writing workshop called Writers Unite! Workshop, both located on Facebook.  If you are interested in writing, come join us!

Writing has proven to be one of the most rewarding pursuits I’ve done in my life. I hope to share the joys of writing with you in the ensuing months and I promise to be attentive to The Coastal Quill!

Here’s is to the remaining six months of 2016! It’s not over yet!!!


Crescent City Lies Test 2


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