Writers Unite! Anthologies: Dimensions of the Wild West

Writers Unite!’s Sixth Anthology is available now on Amazon.com. Time to ride along with cowboys in the Old West, today’s West and into the future!

Writers Unite!

Writers Unite! Anthologies

Dimensions of the Wild West

Available NOW on Amazon. com!

Cowboys on dusty trails. Cattle drives. Bank robbers and sheriffs. Whether riding a horse in the old West, a pickup truck in present day, or a mining transport on an asteroid, good fought evil, and tales of the West continued. Enjoy this collection of stories from the authors of Writers Unite! as they take you from the old West into the future.

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Calliope Njo: The Job Offer

From Calliope Njo: A mysterious jug and a strange woman with a job offer show up at the door. Enjoy and please visit Calliope on her blog

Writers Unite!

Welcome toWrite the Story!Each monthWriters Unite!will offer a writing prompt for writers to create a story from and share with everyone.WU!wants to help our members and followers to generate more traffic to their platforms.Pleasecheck out the authors’ blogs, websites, Facebook pages and show them support. We would love to hear your thoughts about the stories and appreciate your support!

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The Job Offer

Calliope Njo

Growing up, Anne dreamed of becoming a cop. An old man’s tales were what got her started. All she wanted to do. She knew the dangers and the risks but that only made her want to do it more.

Her dear old father told her he didn’t approve of her life’s choice. He called her an unfilial daughter and that…

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