Episode #7 of “Success Philosophies with Dr. Chuback” is now available. Enjoy and check out previous episodes at the link.

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Writers are human and humans require motivation. When we set a goal, the motivation to accomplish our desires is the force driving our actions. For many of us, finding the correct path to follow and maintaining that driving force can be difficult.

In our quest to assist writers in becoming the best you can be and remain motivated, we would like to introduce you toJohn Chuback, M.D.A cardiovascular surgeon,Dr. Chubackfound his goals waylaid by his lack of motivation. In a series of interviews withPaul W. Reeves, host onImpact Radio USA,Dr. Chubackdiscusses “The 50 most powerful secrets for success in and out of the classroom.”

Please click on the link below to hear Episode #7 in this series, and start enhancing your journey toward success today!

DR. JOHN CHUBACK, a cardiovascular surgeon from New Jersey, joins us in this series to…

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Calliope Njo: Big Plans

Calliope Njo’s share a story of the perfect summer vacation plans, and a sister. Enjoy and please visit Calliope on her blog.

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Big Plans

Calliope Njo

Summer was here at last. No more masks and no more school. I wished I could get rid of Christine. No luck there though. Father would never bail me out of jail if I killed her, so yeah, I got stuck with her.

Dear Mother always told me that the bond between sisters must remain forever sacred. I would’ve been perfect with only me…

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