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In July 2016,  Paul Reeves, host of Dr. Paul’s Family Talk radio program asked me to appear on his show to discuss the Facebook writing group, Writers Unite! Established in November 2015, WU! had 6,600 members at the time but began to grow rapidly after the first appearance on the show.  Today we have 46,300+ members from all continents.

Over the years we have traveled with Dr. Paul’s Family Talk show from the terrestrial radio station, WNZK in Detroit to its home now on the international internet radio station, Impact Radio USA.

July 11, 2016 Writers Unite! First Appearance

August 8, 2016 Writers Unite!

November 8, 2016 Writers Unite! / WU! Short Story Contest

March 13, 2017 WU! Short Story Contest Winners & Writing Your First Novel: Part One—Read

May 1, 2017 Writing Your First Novel—Part Two: The Question of Genre

June 5, 2017 Writing Your First Novel—Part 3: To Outline or Not to Outline

July 3, 2017 Writing Your First Novel—Part Four: Plotting Your Story

August 23, 2017 Writing Your First Novel—Part Five: Creating Unforgettable Characters

September 11. 2017 Writing Your First Novel—Part Six: Building Your World

September 27, 2018 Part One: The Art and Craft of Writing

September 29, 2018 Part Two: The Art and Craft of Writing

October 18, 2017Writing Your First Novel—Part Seven: Point of View

December 06, 2017 Writers Unite! Reaches 40,000 Members

December 18. 2017 Writing Your First Novel—Part Eight: Grammar (Repeat)

February 19, 2018 Writing Your First Novel—Part Eight: Grammar (Repeat)

April 16. 2018 Writing Your First Novel—Part Five: Creating Unforgettable Characters (Repeat)

May 21/23, 2018 WU! We Write. Are We Professional?

July 23, 2018 Writers Unite’s Upcoming Anthology: Realm of Magic and How to Start a Novel

July 30, 2018 With Writers Unite! Admin Jessica Fisette, WU!’s Anthology: Realm of Magic is released!



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