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“Everyone in the South has no time for reading because they are all too busy writing.”
― William Faulkner
I’m not certain Faulkner was totally correct. I was a voracious reader while growing up in South Carolina. I also wrote short stories about my dog Henry, the bravest Chihuahua in the neighborhood or my alternate life as queen of the fairies or as an astronaut. In school, book reports were my favorite assignments, and I couldn’t wait to finish the book and begin the report. One of my teachers allowed us to select any book we wished to write a report on. My favorite subject was Francis Marion, the famed South Carolina ‘Swamp Fox’ of the Revolutionary War. After four books on Marion, my teacher gently suggested I find another subject. I was also a fan of science fiction, so I chose Childhood’s End. From the look on her face when I presented my report, I’m not certain science fiction was what she had in mind, but she didn’t object.
My love of reading remains until this day, but I abandoned the stories I wrote as a child after college. Caught up in scientific papers, and later manuals on policies and procedures and real life, I lost myself in the words of others. The cancellation of my favorite science fiction television show changed that. Wanting more of my favorite characters, I began writing fanfiction and my forgotten desire to write a novel surfaced again. Using fanfiction to hone my rusty skills, I began writing a science fiction/murder mystery novel. Complete with the exception of the query letter (Why are those so hard?), I hope to have it published traditionally or independently.
Once awakened, my muse keeps me hopping. I’m nearing completion of two other novels and won’t admit to how many others I’ve started. I decided to start this blog to reach out to others who have published for their seasoned advice and to those who aspire to see their words in print. I’m proud of my Southern heritage, but all are welcome.
I plan on posting interesting information about writing, with observations about the area I love and my own writing. I hope you will tell us about your favorite places, not only to live but to write about, and your writing experiences.
Please join me, the quill is inked, ready to write….

Deborah Ratliff


the coastal quill … musings of a southern author

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