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Every writer has a muse that at times becomes overactive. I am no different. While my first love is murder mysteries, I have authored stories, novellas, and an occasional novel in other genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Westerns.

Instead of letting these stories gather dust in an MS Word file, I have decided to post  them on my blog. Someone might enjoy reading these forgotten works.

The first story I am posting to my Coastal Library is a western that I wrote several years ago. I have loved westerns since as a child my grandfather read his favorite Zane Grey novels to me. A writing challenge provided the opportunity and I tried my hand at writing the Old West. This story is the result. I loved writing westerns so much that I wrote a sci-fi-western cross that just might show up here as well.

I will post a new segment of the story each Wednesday. I hope you enjoy these leftovers!

Story Index

The Last Chance

Wade McCord left his past behind and wandered westward, looking for a fresh start. A stopover  in Wickenberg, AZ brought him face to face with an evil land baron and a beautiful woman who was in mortal danger. Was this McCord’s last chance to find his destiny?

The Last Chance

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