The Pegasus Star

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Noah Flynn was a captain of a starship in the Earth Alliance Space Command. At least, he used to be. He now served as captain of an interstellar freighter after an unfortunate incident ended his military career. Adjusted to his new life, Flynn never expected the Alliance brass would come crawling to him, desperate for his assistance. Then he discovered why they were desperate, and he had no choice other than help. Someone had to save them all.

This novel is being serialized as well, on Google+ #Saturdayscenes, a new episode (almost) every Saturday. Check the community out… some fantastic work in multiple genres. I will update this site at the same time.

This novel is rated R for violence, sexual situations. Nothing explicit.

Welcome to the Writers Unite! on WordPress.

I joined my first writers groups on Facebook in the spring of 2015 because my local writing groups weren’t really helping me but the Facebook groups left something to be desired as well. The groups were full of cliques and they tended to put down what they called stupid questions and it felt like they had just created the group to feed their own egos. I thought there had to be a better way.

On October 16, 2015, (the day after my daughter’s birthday) I started a group called Writers Unite!. My intention was to give writers a place to ask questions without fear of being ridiculed. I needed experienced writers, who would know the answers to those questions so I needed a good mix of beginners with experienced writers because I am not published and simply wouldn’t know the answers to many questions. I also wanted people to have a place to share their work and get honest but not cruel critiques because that is part of learning to be a writer. I wanted a place where people could share their triumphs and their frustrations and their hopes and their fears with people that would sympathize and/or support them. I wanted to create a sense of friends and family. Something like they used to have on that TV show Cheers would be perfect.

I met a woman, Deborah Ratliff, that I had come to respect in another group and I asked her to join me in my new group. It wasn’t long before I asked her to become my administrator to help me to build my dream group. Things started off really slow. Though we had some great people, we had only forty five members after the first month had passed. I felt like I had failed and thought seriously about closing the group down. Deborah talked me into giving it more time. As it turned out, she was right. The growth was somewhat subdued in the beginning but it was enough to renew my enthusiasm.

Things began to snowball and it wasn’t long before our members asked to have specific needs filled so we began creating sister groups to Writers Unite!. Our membership had grown and the extra groups became too much for the three of us to deal with so we began searching for someone to join us as another administrator. Deborah knew a young man from another group and he agreed to join us in running ours. Adam Johnson turned out to be a perfect fit for us. His vast knowledge and friendly, helpful attitude was just what we needed and he quickly became a member of the family.

With the new groups and the growth in WU we found ourselves in need of someone to help us keep up. We had a member who was very active, very supportive, knowledgeable, and friendly. She was a perfect fit. Luckily, Michele Sayre agreed to join our little family of admins. Her knowledge and warm personality made her the best choice and we became even stronger with her addition.

We’ve taken the first steps to creating our youtube channel and here we are taking our first steps to creating our WordPress webpage. Today is October 12, 2016 and our group has 13,824 members. A couple of our sister sites are over 2,000 members. All this has happened in less than a year. It’s all a bit overwhelming to be honest but we want our group to reach its ultimate potential so we keep pushing forward. I am proud to share the credit with my admins as there is no way I could have done it alone. Join us, you may learn a thing or two and I am certain you will at least find it entertaining.

Episode One:  The Wolf’s Cave

The lumbering bulk of The Pegasus Star gracefully arced around Alliance Starbase 17 toward its assigned docking arm. The independent freighter carried supplies for the station as well as a passenger manifest of twenty new station employees. Gently, pilot Mikal Petrov nudged the large ship’s docking port into the capture ring and sealed the airlock.

From the engineering console, Chief engineer Rom Nemec called out, “Confirm airlock sealed and re-pressurized.”

Captain Noah Flynn rose from the command chair, walking toward the bridge-wide view port. “Good job, Mick, you fly this barge like a fighter.”

Petrov glanced over his shoulder, grinning widely, “Treat her well, Captain and just like a woman, she’ll be putty in your hands.”

“Remind me again why you don’t have a girlfriend?”

Flynn stood peering out at the large and unusual nebula, which hovered above them in the darkness. A brilliant blue star anchored a thin rust colored dust cloud, which flared like a scarf flowing in a cosmic breeze. He was lost in thought when his communications officer Beri spoke.

“Uh… sorry, what did you say?”

“The station is hailing us, sir.”

“Showtime… put them through.” She nodded, and he said, “Starbase 17, Captain Flynn of the Pegasus Star. We’re carrying assigned cargo and replacement personnel.”

A deep voice sounded over the ComSys, “Pegasus Star, welcome to Starbase 17. Please open your hatch for inspection.”

The bridge doors slid open and first officer Zeke Conner entered, addressing Flynn, “Everything’s secure.”

“Let them in, Rom.”

The chief engineer nodded and released the hatch, within minutes Station Security was swarming toward the cargo holds. From the bridge, a ship-wide announcement informed the passengers to proceed to Deck 4 for document review before disembarking. Thirty minutes later, the security detail departed, satisfied that the electronic security tags on the interior cargo access doors placed prior to leaving Earth were intact. Supply depot personnel dispatched to the cargo control room, entered the decrypting code to unlock the exterior access panels. Within minutes, unloader drones streamed from the station flying toward the bins to transfer the payload.

Flynn returned to the view port, Connor joining him. The younger man said, “That is some ugly nebula. This is going to be interesting with both our biggest fans here, Noah.”

“Remind me not to make jokes about them being busted from command of a star cruiser to glorified managers of a space station. That wouldn’t be nice.”

Conner chuckled, “Since when were you ever nice?”

Before Flynn could answer, the doors swished open again and Commander Dag Reilly, Station Security Chief, entered the bridge. “Well, Flynn, looks like you’re going make quite a haul on this run. What asshole decided you were trustworthy enough to transport Alliance supplies?”

Flynn shrugged, “Obviously not you.”

The commander’s eyes narrowed, “How long are you planning on remaining on Starbase 17? Not long, I hope.”

“Ummm, I don’t know, got a crew anxious to relax and SB17 is such a fun place. Next cargo pickup isn’t for two weeks. We have a few days before we have to leave, pick up our next load, and head back to Earth. So… I guess we’ll be here a while, Reilly. Want to have dinner with me tonight?”

“I’d only have dinner with you if it were your last meal. Unfortunately, your documents seem to be in order, so you are free to disembark.” He added, “You’d be wise to stay clear of Captain Walker. He was most unhappy to know you were in the same quadrant.”

Reilly turned to leave the bridge, but stopped, “Please try to cause some trouble, Flynn. I’d love to throw your ass in the brig.”

“Good to see you too, Reilly.”

The bridge door slid shut and Connor sneered, “We should have killed him when we had the chance. He deserved to die after nearly getting us all killed on Theron.”

“Yeah, he did, but then how would we be able to make his life miserable?” Turning to a slender woman with angular features, sitting at the navigator’s console, Flynn said, “Leigh, request a ship’s monitor from the harbor master, leave the time open ended, and inform the crew they are on leave until further notice. Let the master know our security will remain onboard.”

“Aye, sir.”

“Zeke with me.” They entered the turbo, and Flynn tapped the communication band on his wrist. “Keno, meet me in my quarters.”


Keno Ahina was stretched out on Flynn’s couch when he, and Zeke entered. The six-foot-five security chief appeared to be asleep. Flynn kicked Keno’s boots, which were dangling over the edge.


Flynn smiled, “Trying to get some rest before you see her?”

“I’ll need it.”

“Does she know we were coming?”

Keno unfastened the cord holding back his thin braids, shaking his head. “No.”

“Don’t tell her anything. It’s important we don’t let anyone know why we’re really here.”

Zeke slumped back in one of the two plush chairs in Flynn’s quarters. The captain sat on the other, stretching out his long legs. Zeke stared at him briefly before speaking. “You have to tell them soon.”

Running his fingers through his thick black hair, Flynn snapped, “I know. I’m not certain how the crew’s going to feel when they find out they’ve been conscripted.”

Keno said, “Nearly every member of this crew was military before they signed on the Pegasus. Most of them left the Alliance because of what happened to us.”

Flynn shook his head, “That’s just it. I don’t want to repay their loyalty by lying to them, but at the moment, I have no choice.”

“Don’t worry,” Keno replied. “They’ll be fine.

Standing, Flynn asked, “Ready for some R&R?”  Both men nodded and he continued, “I want a large steak and a Sperian Scotch… no, make that a bottle of Sperian Scotch. I’m going to take a shower, meet me at the airlock in thirty.”


Starbase 17 was the largest Alliance base in the galaxy, and was strategically located between five of the most populated solar systems. The base morphed into more than a military outpost. It was a major commercial hub, not to mention a haven for the miscreants of the galaxy. Choosing to look the other way, the Alliance allowed a section of the base, known as the Underground, to become a respite for the more questionable members of society.

The Underground, specifically the Traders Bar, was the destination of Noah Flynn and Keno Ahina, accompanied by Connor and ship’s doctor, Nigel Stewart. Traders was the largest and most popular of all the bars on SB17. D the early evening hours, the saloon was packed.

As they walked in, a squeal of delight echoed over the din of voices and music, and a whirlwind came out of nowhere, jumping into Keno’s arms. The copper-haired beauty, Tia Emlen, the proprietor of Traders, was a longtime friend of Flynn, and longtime lover of Ahina. She kissed Ahina deeply, then with her legs still wrapped around his waist. she reached for Flynn, pulled him to her, and kissed him deeply as well.

“It has been many days… months… since I have seen you gorgeous hunks. Where have you been?”

Flynn kissed her again, lightly, “Hauling freight to the Carga system. Took four months before we got back to Earth, and picked up this gig.” He touched the tip of her nose with his fingertip, “Promise I won’t keep him away for so long again.”

Tia slid out of Ahina’s arms and hugged Connor and Stewart, then wrapped Ahina’s arms back around her shoulders, “I know you’re hungry, so I’ll tell Poppi to bring steaks and all the trimmings. Don’t worry Noah, there’s a case of Sperian with your name on it.” She tugged on Ahina’s lengthy braids, “Now, please excuse me as I take this gorgeous man to my quarters and make him pay for being away for so long. Later, boys.”

Flynn, Connor, and Stewart found a table near the large video screen, broadcasting the start of a latos ball game. Stewart activated the holograph screen on the table, scrolled to the betting screen and placed a bet.

“You even understand latos, Stewart?” Flynn asked absently as he focused on the scantily-clad barmaid serving their drinks.

“Of course, I do laddie,” his tone indignant. “You don’t think I gamble just to gamble, now do ya?”

Taking a long sip of his scotch first, Flynn answered, “Uh… considering we can’t go back to Hovari because you owe Poza so much money, yeah, I think you gamble just to gamble.”

Stewart knocked back his scotch, grabbing the bottle to pour another, “Poza’s a pig, and you are a cheeky bastard.”

“At least I’m not a pig,” he replied. Turning to Connor, he asked, “Where’s Parker?”

Connor sneered, “Nemec’s got her running diagnostics on the engines. He thought he felt something amiss. She promised she’d be along shortly. I got us a room in the hotel. Don’t plan on seeing you guys until we’re ready to blow this joint.”

Flynn was engrossed in the game when the hairs on the back of his neck bristled. Someone was standing behind him. He glanced at Conner, the disdain on the first officer’s face told him everything. Without looking around he said, “Captain Walker, I wondered when you’d come looking for me. Just can’t stay away from me can you?”

Walker moved to stand where he could look Flynn in the face. “I see you haven’t changed, still the same arrogant bastard you always were. I want you off my station.”

Taking a deep breath, Flynn stood, his six-foot-two frame towering over Walker. “You might want to check our papers. We’re traveling under documents issued by the Alliance stating we’re agents for them and signed by General Chin. I suggest you contact the general if you have any questions.” He spotted the servers coming with their meals. “Food’s here, so run along Walker. I promise we will stay out of your way, if you stay out of ours.”

The station commander lingered for a few seconds before he whirled and strode away. Flynn caught Connor’s eye. His first officer knew what he did. This wasn’t the last they would see of Captain Walker. No matter, they’d deal with whatever happened. They had a job to do.


4 thoughts on “The Pegasus Star”

  1. So the search for Gabi’s Father takes Flynn and Gabi undercover. The little bit of info about Flynn’s backgroud is very interestng and I hope we’ll learn more about this. The attraction between the two is palpable….and obviously I’m looking forward to this going further! Flynn and Gabi are a good match. Deep voice at the end? Intriguing. This story has adventure and a growing relationship, and both I can’t wait to read more about!
    Thanks for this update hon. Waiting with baited breath for the next one.


  2. Whump as I like it! And there will be a second date? providing they survive. Of course they’ll survive. You wouldn’t dare not let them survive, lol lol. Very good chapter hon. Now sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!


  3. Yay for the Pegasus!!! Now on to find a hurt Flynn and Gabi!! Excellent chapter hon. Sorry it took so long for me to read it!


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